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Free Wix Websites for Charities

Site 4 Good is a program that delivers free websites for small and medium size Australian charities. The charity market is dominated by the very large charities and having an effective website gives the smaller charities a much bigger chance to attract donations and volunteers.

With this program we are able to create 20 to 30 new websites for charities each year with a goal of growing to 80 websites per year in 2020. This effort is possible because we divided the work and delivery of resources among the parties involved in the program, resulting in a positive outcome for all of us, but most of all for the charities.

​Involved Parties

The program is based on a simple but effective cooperation between Unleash Design, University Hall of the University of WA and volunteer work by students of UWA.

Unleash Design delivers the skills and knowledge to the program. The agency teaches the volunteer students how to design websites and all skills they would need as a small business owner, and it gives them 6 months of work experience in a professional environment. The specialists of Unleash Design coach the students in all aspects of the program during these 6 months. This enables the agency to support charities without over-burdening the organisation.

University Hall delivers the resources, like office and training space, organisation of the students and certification of the program. The university has included the Sites4Good in their Employability Award program, which delivers a certificate of work experience to the students, which they can use in their future job interviews.

The students in return develop the websites for Charities that participate in the program. Their work is supervised by design and marketing specialists, thus ensuring that the charities receive a professional and effective website that will increase their online donations and recruitment of volunteers.

3 tier development program

For the students/volunteers it is not just a program where they learn how to design a website. The program allows students to go through a career, developing the necessary skills to run a business.

First Tier: In the first semester that they join, the students learn how to design a website and how to turn it into an online marketing and sales platform. During the semester they spend most of their time designing 1 or more websites for participating charities.

Second Tier: During the second semester the most promising of the group of the first semester have the option to become team coordinators for the next batch of volunteers. As team coordinators they learn and execute the roles of team leader, project manager and account manager.

Third Tier: In the third semester three team coordinators will be invited to become Project Directors. There are three roles in this tier: the overall project leader, a PR manager and an Operations manager. These three manage the entire project and its promotion and will arrange the acquisition of new charities for the program.

Success Story

Jasmine is one of the first student-volunteers in the program. As part of the first volunteer team, she went through the entire 3 tier process in one semester. She reached out to charities and acquired the James Hope Foundation as her first charity to work with and did the design, account management and delivery of the project on her own.

As you can see, she created a beautiful and professional website that will add great value to the marketing efforts of the James Hope Foundation.

Jasmine's experience

Below you can see her own story about her experience with the project.

Why use Wix for a Charity Program?

Wix is the ideal platform for a program like Sites4Good. It is easy to learn and use, which means that the students can get to a sufficient design level to be able to create a site that has added value for the charities. As soon as the charities have received their new website, it takes the students no more than an hour or two to train representatives of the charity to maintain the site independently.

Some other sites in development

See below some examples of the sites the students are developing right now for participating charities.

Wheels on the Move: Wheels Seniors is an organisation that provides social contacts and outings for Seniors who like to get out and about.

Be My Koorda In Nyoongar language, Be My Koorda means "be my friend" or "be my brother". Be My Koorda is a parent-run support group for Aboriginal families who have children with autism and/or other disabilities.

For more information: Visit the Sites4Good website:

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