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How to build a business website for free

Build a free Wix website during a free Wix web design workshop in Perth.

As a small business it is hard to find the proper balance between your ever rising costs and your income and it is time consuming to find savings. One of the larger investments is a website that will function as a proper marketing and sales tool for your business; a tool that will bring in a steady amount of new customers. However, to reach a certain amount of clients to get you over the brake even point of your business takes time.

Free Wix website

That is where Wix could help you out. Wix has come to Perth and has started free workshops for small businesses. During these workshops you will learn all about online marketing and sales and more importantly you will learn how to create a website for your business without any costs! True, Wix does ask for a monthly fee for hosting and the use of their system, but that is in most cases lower than with any other organisation or platform. The creation of the website is all done by yourself and so easy and quick that it is fun to do.

Wix website Workshop

In a two hour workshop you will get a short demonstration of how Wix works and how easy it is to put a website together. Then you get to build your own website with the assistance of Wix web designers who can show you how to solve certain issues, quickly demonstrate how to add or edit something and answer any question you might have.

Finalising your own Wix website

Those two hours will not be enough to finish your own website completely, but you will have the knowledge and practice that should allow you to finish your own site in no time at home. Of course we all learn at a different speed, so if you have some difficulty with the creation of your site, or still have questions, then you are more than welcome to join the next Wix workshop a month later.

Join a Wix workshop

So, what do you have to lose? Invest two hours of your time to join one of the Wix workshops in Perth and see for yourself how easy it is. You might end up with a website you had never dreamed of that it could be so beautiful, easy to maintain and sales effective.

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